Balmoral Advisory acts as a connector of influential people and a conduit of relevant information between emerging and established markets throughout the world. We have formed strategic alliances with prominent firms headquartered in the established and emerging global financial powerhouses of New York and Greater China


Strategic Exchanges Innovative Markets - New York

Strategic Exchanges Innovative Markets is a consortium of Best of Breed Service Providers that focus on the impacts of regulatory change on all facets of a trade’s life cycle. The consortium is committed to sharing knowledge, experience, information and best practices in order to provide their clients with exceptional service, detailed insights and profitable and sustainable solutions.


As a member of Strategic Exchanges, Balmoral Advisory contributes their considerable knowledge and experience in areas such as technology, business strategy, market entry and structure as well as regulatory issues and reforms. With a strong network of contacts in Asia, Balmoral Advisory also connects consortium members and their clients to key contacts and market opportunities in this growing area of the global financial landscape.

Kapronasia – Greater China

Kapronasia is a leading provider of research-based advisory and consulting services focused on the Chinese financial technology industry. Using market-leading research and customized strategy, Kapronasia works with financial institutions and technology providers around the world to identify the most profitable and sustainable opportunities in China and to build and maintain a competitive advantage in the Chinese market.


Balmoral Advisory connects businesses based in North America and Europe with Kapronasia who provides on-the-ground resources and advice on the most suitable and lucrative business opportunities that are available to them in this market.

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