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Moving Fast and Slow: Update on Multi-Asset Trading Technology Solutions

Last month, I had the privilege of moderating a panel discussion at the FPL Conference in Singapore. The panel consisted of experts from both the buy and sell sides exploring a timely and relevant topic: “Is Multi-Asset Trading Realistic?” It was apparent from the discussion that both the buy and…


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Donna Bales
is a product development professional with a proven track record of managing complex capital market industry initiatives during times of significant market change and market structure reform. Donna is the founder and managing director of Balmoral Advisory, a boutique advisory firm that works with exchanges, regulators, technology firms, market participants and market data vendors to identify and evaluate business opportunities, understand and respond to changing industry/market dynamics and develop and implement strategies and solutions that make sense now and in the future. In addition she acts as a strategic advisor to an international consultancy firm, CollegeHill Asia and sits on the Board of 3Q Innovation, a non-profit focused on retaining and replacement of older workers who face protracted unemployment. Originally from Canada, Donna holds a bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario.